Winston-Salem Felony Charges Attorney

Aside from crimes that must be charged as felonies, many offenses may be charged as either a felony or a mere misdemeanor. North Carolina statutes set out the level of offense (“class”) of various crimes. Our firm has a long record of success in reducing the level of crime charged, and the penalties our clients face.

If you have been charged, or feel you will face felony charges, the dedication of an experienced lawyer will be essential to your success. While we seek to avoid charges being filed and to negotiate charges, if trial is in your best interest we will vigorously fight the charges and work for an acquittal.

We want to keep your record clean.

Unfortunately, even if you have “paid your debt to society” and even if you serve a reduced sentence, the lasting impact of a felony conviction may include:

  • Rejection by potential landlords
  • Rejection by college admissions officials
  • Rejection by employers
  • Restricted voting rights

In our defense of your rights and record, your protections under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution will be important. We scrutinize any unreasonable search or seizure of any property or records or evidence of any kind sought to be used against you.

We serve people charged with almost every type of felony, including:

  • Sexual assault
  • Manslaughter
  • Fraud
  • Statutory rape
  • Armed robbery
  • Drug trafficking
  • Felon in possession of a firearm


In negotiating pleas and sentences we present mitigating factors, and explain potential aggravating factors that could affect a sentence.